Published by David B. Olsen

In doses of varyingly modest degrees, I am an editor, writer, and researcher. I am deeply detail-oriented, certifiably tireless, uncommonly professional, and inveterately self-deprecating to the point that it pains me to include the first three things in this list. I think of editing as a form of radical helpfulness. To achieve this is to be equally affable and punctual, egoless but confident. In a boy band, I would be the quiet one. I earned my PhD from the Department of English at Saint Louis University, where I also taught courses in writing, literature, and film. More recently, I was the managing editor at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation in St. Louis, Missouri, and I am currently the acquisitions department coordinator and an assistant editor at the University of Chicago Press. My freelance writing and editing interests include art, music, and architecture, although like many recovering academics, I am drawn to and interested in anything that has to do with saying something about something else.