About Me


In doses of varyingly modest degrees, I am an editor, writer, and Chicagoan. I am deeply detail-oriented, certifiably tireless, and resolutely professional. I like to think of editing as a form of radical helpfulness. To achieve this is to be equally affable and punctual, egoless but confident. In a boy band, I would be the quiet one—my above-average reserve perceived instead as mystique.

I earned a PhD from the Department of English at Saint Louis University, where I also taught courses in writing, literature, and film. More recently, I was the managing editor at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation in St. Louis, Missouri, and I am currently an editorial associate at the University of Chicago Press. My writing and editing interests include art, music, and architecture, although like many recovering academics, I am drawn to and interested in anything that has to do with words.

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